BSA Troop 430

The Scouts meet every Monday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Scout Hut located just 1 block from St. Davids Episcopal Church.  Scout Hut address is 975 Old Roswell Road, Roswell Ga. map link below :

"Sinclair House Scout Hut Map Link"

  The Scout Hut is a location the Scouts can work on activities and plan events for the Troop.  The Troop participates in some outdoor activity (campout or service project) one weekend each month except December.  In December we try to focus on cummunity events for Scout community service requirements.

One of the most significant (and least widely known) benefits of scouting is the leadership experience that young men are able to get. The troop is actually run by its boy leaders. With the guidance of the Scoutmaster and his assistants, the boy leaders plan the program, conduct troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers. The Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC), not the adult leaders, is responsible for planning and conducting the troop's activities. The PLC is composed of the elected and appointed troop leadership positions, The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and assistants, The Patrol Leaders (PL) and assistants. The Scoutmaster attends patrol leaders' council meetings as a coach and an informational resource. The Scoutmaster and troop committee retain veto power over decisions of the patrol leaders' council, but should need to exercise it only on rare occasions when the plans of the patrol leaders' council would violate BSA policy or could lead to a situation that might jeopardize the safety and well-being of troop members. The PLC meets annually to plan an overall guide to the troop activities and monthly to finalize plans for the upcoming month. The PLC will also address issues affecting the patrol and the Troop.

The adult leadership of the Troop, the Troop Committee, meets once a month to oversee the activities of the Scouts.  The Troop Committe is also responsible for the fund raising activities and keeping an accounting of all monies coming and going out.  The committee meeting is attended by all committee members and the Scoutmaster.  Occasionally we invite guests such as the chartered organization representative and unit commissioner.  The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are not actually members of the troop committee, and have no vote. The committee should not forget that its primary responsibility is supporting the troop program.  The importance of mutual cooperation between the two groups of leaders is critical for the smooth and successful operation of the troop.  The support and administration of an active troop requires the participation of every committee member.  Every member should have a working assignment.  This will not only help the troop to operate effectively, but will assure team spirit and promote attendance at meetings.  When people feel that it doesn't matter if they attend or not, often they will choose to do something else.

BSA Troop 430  |  1015 Old Roswell Rd. Roswell, GA 30076  |  770-993-6084  |  Email: info@troop430.org

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